My story with google adsense

       In 2007 I graduated from the Institute of Commerce - and started journey looking for a good job that has a good money, and here I has started searching online, at first i have found ptc sites which mean Paid to Click, but did not give me a lot, just a few dollars, so I decided to research in another area and found that I can create so-called blogs or sites And put ads on it, I searched until I found that I could create a free blog on a platform called Blogger, I created a blog and another and dozens of blogs later.
earn money online
earn money online

I took a lot of time and learned search engines optimization! "SEO", and then put my ads after my review of Google Ad-sense policies and conditions.

I was living with my father and he did not believe that I could make a profit from the Internet by creating a website or blog and putting ads on it. The surprise was when we first received the first $ 100 check from Google, so my life changed and went on with this approach. My accounts were closed several times because of the greed of some of my team members and their use of illegal ways to get more money until I decided to go back to work alone again and just follow the rules.
Google Adsense
Google Adsense

My profits increased and I expanded my business and I used multiple platforms like WordPress and Forums like VBulletin. With time and profit stability I increased my mistake and started neglecting my sites and blogs because I came to so-called Comfort Zone.

I entered other fields such as Forex, CryptoCurrency trading and even started with the help of individuals to create their own CryptoCurrency or Token and publish it at the Initial Coin Offering "ICO" level. With a government job as a data entry and a low salary designer, my first desire was to make online work my primary job, so I was interested in developing my skills In English, I learned more about important contemporary technical fields such as Block-chain, Artificial Intelligence and Android Programming, but in the end I always came back to work on my sites, writing my articles and use Google Ad-sense and I will continue to work with it.

You may not believe what I'm going to say to you, because some people earn from Google Ad-sense alone more than $ 250,000 a month because of their huge traffic, site services, important content, exclusive and renewed interest in constantly developing it so do not trust my words and search for it yourself.

Now beside adsense I offer my services as a web designer, forums and bloggers for everyone and their owners to make a good profit if this is the first goal but to pay attention to these sites and will certainly get their intended one day.

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