What is my dream

At first i must say 'living in the home country will make you feel peaceful, but if you have dreams and wanna to learn more and earn a decent money you need to learn and travel around the world'.

I'm Mohamed Fayez, Egyptian Married man with no children's, born at 1987, love Egypt with all my heart, but there are some dreams i couldn't achieve in Egypt, only USA or Canada could help me to achieve my dreams.

I'm a programmer, designer and developer for AI, Blockchain, web, mobile and desktop applications, I feel obsessed with programming languages and handling machines, Always looking for more, learning more and see my imagination projects became real, So there are a lot of service which i could provide for my clients.

But today i'm not going to talk about my skills or experience, Today i'm gonna talk about my dreams and how exactly i want to live.

Canada. OMG. My biggest dream in my life. I'm don't want to just visit it. i'm want to immigrate to it and became one of the New Canadians.

Since my childhood i felt like the Canadian life style is perfect for me, and if can't make this dream became real then the second one is USA for me.

I wish my carrier help me to go to the next step in my life. And if you can help offering me a job in USA or Canada depending on my current skills please let me know.

My best wishes for you all

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